I am an actress, working in a puppet theater since 1982. I love my job:)

During the years I have worked in the theater I preformed a large variety of roles starting from a girl, princess a witch and some male roles.For example in the last mono-play “Prices Cookie” I acted as the princess, the witch and the knights that ask for the princess hand.

Until the year 1996 I have worked in a Russian municipal puppet theater.I learned in a theater academy in Yaroslavel.In 1996 I moved to Israel with my family, where I met a dear friend Elena Moroz who was also an actress from Moscow.
Together we created a few shows for children and one show for adults “Puppet Cabaret”.We have successfully worked together since the year 2000 and formed our own theater in 2006 named it “Magic Umbrella” .

In 2000 I began making dolls/puppets by myself. My first creation was a pink ostrich for the adult show. He is a very charming character, always keen to dance and sing. Afterwards I have made a partner for him a light-blue ostrich and made a performance for them both which is called “The Love Story”.This piece was directed by a great director and a good friend of mine Michael Poliakov and his wife who is a ballroom dance teacher Margarita.  This couple helped me in directing a few more pieces:  “Frogs Song”, “Disco Dancing Dog” and a few more.Michael also directed for me the show “Happy Birthday for the Chick “and “The Naughty Fox”.

As I mentioned I made Alia and have been living in Haifa since 1996.
At first I was mainly occupied with learning Hebrew in the Ulpan, at the same time I performed in two dramatic roles a goose and a frog in the show named “Goose” at the Haifa Sohnut Theater.

Starting from the year 2000 I worked with Elena Moroz a dear friend of mine whom I meet at one of her performances with my daughter, Elena passed away in 2010 from cancer.
During my college years I have had experience in helping creating puppets so it gave me a little idea of how the process works. Since I was a kid I been sawing knitting and I love it therefore the transformation of being an actress to a maker was made easier for me.I was leaking an art qualification but when you have the will everything is possible and I learned. Recently I began working with paper glue and now I am making puppets for a new show “Puss in Boots”.

At the same time I am working in kindergartens teaching performing arts to kids. Where we have launched a few shows with the kids, they are very talented little actors. I have cooperation with “Gbeini” theater in Haifa, which is translated from Arabic as “Curd Girl”. There I teach fresh graduated actors the art of puppets and movement. We have performed at the Holon City festival with the play “The Scarlet Flower”.

At 2013 I met Natalia Slutskin a young Russian actress and she have worked with me in a few shows. Recently she moved back to Russia and this day I performed alone.
But lets us be positive, my theater has a large and variety repertoire:
There is “Prices Cookie” which I have mentioned before.
“The Little Witch” by Otfried Preusler Directed by the German director Cristiana with the subsidies of “Goethe institute” for celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relationship between Israel and Germany.

A few more of my shows are: “Journey To The Movie Land”, “Adventures of The Donut”, “New Years Story” and many others.